Oct 20, 2021

like a stream in the hills.


what is more fluid, more yielding than water? -lao tzu

life rolls by on steel wheels, as a train does, 

and yet  the afternoon seems small anyway, 

like a child or an unfinished thought.

the dogs have lapped up the butter from the dish 

and summer is half over; 

would you rather feed the poor 

or buy more guns for the soldiers? 

bigger guns? bigger bullets?

what was odysseus thinking when he had himself lashed 

to the mast of his ship and the sirens sang so seductively?

prometheus returned the use of fire to the humans;

he must have known there would be hell to pay.

chained to that rock an eagle ate his liver every day,

and every night it grew back again. zeus was a republican

and he chaired the senate finance committee.

be the water, slipping down to the lower places, 

flowing easy and slow. like a stream in the hills. 

a young girl comes to the bank 

and eases her feet into the blue water. 

isn't she lovely? do you hope that she is kind?


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