Sep 14, 2021

heroin is cheaper than prescription pain pills


For every ugly story in the news, the people want someone to be guilty, they need someone to blame, a person that everyone can point at and say, "Him. He's the one. It's his fault." 

Whole populations can starve and no one will lift a finger to change the way that profit and food fail to co-exist well. 

People find it easier to hit a child than to teach a child, and hitting teaches nothing but fear and control.

Heroin is cheaper than prescription pain pills; welcome to the United States of Junky.

Looking up at the vapor trail in the sky, left behind by jet planes, I imagine Japanese characters that spell out words like "equality." 

I am older now, and I am tired of thinking, tired of reasoning, tired of explaining; I want the darkness. 


1 comment:

  1. Sad but too true comments on our present (or maybe eternal) state. Mysterious, how the last sentence caps the whole statement?