Aug 22, 2021

you write some goodness


You want to write some goodness.
You open the notebook and you write down a river.
It looks pretty good there on the page,
So you also write down a mountain.
After that, business picks up,
And so you write a lovely valley,
And a small town where the creek feeds the river.
Snow melt from the mountain swells the creek.
You write people with lives that fit this landscape.
They grow crops that are fed by water from the river.
They sell supplies to the farmers from a store,
And that store is built of wood from valley oaks.
Now you need a green grocer
To sell the produce that is grown,
So you write one, a friendly fellow.
The people have children and you write a school.
They need faith, so you write a church,
And you write some goodness into their souls.
Then you close the notebook,
For their lives are their own. You're done.
What happens next is up to them.


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