Aug 5, 2021

it starts like that



Filtering down through the pines

On the hilltop;

It starts like that.

A stream is born, joins other streams

And soon you have a river

Strong enough to reach the ocean.

So it is with humans, too.

Starting with a father’s sperm,

A mother’s egg.

You end up with a human

Striding across the Earth.

This human lives, loves, suffers,

And eventually dies.

It is a life.

Of course, those pine trees

Have a beginning and an end, too, 

As does the earth.

There might be a drought, no rain.

A potential father turns away from his wife

And goes to sleep alone

Under the thirsty pine trees. 

What do I know? Nothing.

Leave me be. Let me 

Try and learn something from silence.




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