Jul 9, 2021

Soy Californiano.

“If you’re going to come this country

You should learn to speak English.”

I’ve heard that all of my life

And it always sounded racist, cruel.

And ridiculous.

America has no national language.

Soy Californiano.

Decades ago, I moved to California.

I settled, married, raised a family 

In the great central valley.

I even lost a child here.

This valley is my country,

And it is very Mexicana.

Mi casa es muy Mexicana.

Muchos millones de nosotros 

Hablamos EspaƱol.

And I say if you’re coming to my country

Speak any language you wish….

But some Spanish might be helpful.

(Even if it is as weak as mine!)

Soy Californiano.




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