Jun 17, 2021

Life. Death. Nonsense.

It’s the last month of spring and the flowers 
are talking among themselves. My feet 
are getting hard from never wearing shoes, 
and the breeze smells like a tossed salad. 
That’s all fine with me. Now the days 
become music. And look at me, still alive. 

Before the end COVID-19 covered the earth like a blanket covering a small and trembling child. This virus filled the sky as if it were smoke from a tremendous fire, a fire that burned for a thousand years. It flowed with swift rivers and filled the oceans. Entire oceans of COVID-19. We are simple people. We touch the virus, we breathe the virus, we wear the virus like a suit of the finest silk, perfectly cut to fit. And so now we embrace COVID-19. We embrace death. We are Little Red Ridinghood embracing the wolf at last. Come. Let me hold you. Die with me tonight.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. 
-Mae West

It is natural to die as to be born.
-Francis Bacon

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