Jun 4, 2021

Let's call it love.

The sun gives us love, 

and we humans call it light, warmth. 

The earth gives us love, 

and we humans call it home. 

In our best moments 

we humans give each other love, 

and we call that what it is. 

Let us go now to that place 

where the sun, the earth, 

and humans join together, 

and there we will begin anew. 

This time we’ll call everything love. 


“The past is gone. 

May I be able to find the strength 

to live in the present moment, fully.” 

Looking up, the sky is a color 

where blue meets silver, 

like a steel ship on a clear, clean sea. 


by Austin Kleon

I didn't know the full dimensions of forever, but I knew it was longer than waiting for Christmas to come. 
-Richard Brautigan


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