Jun 29, 2021

How far to the moon?

Sometimes we bicker like the old,

But more often we laugh like the young.

This is who we'll be.

I hold her when she weeps,

And she gives me strength when I'm weak.

This is who we'll be.

Who we are is who we'll be.


Sober under a full moon.

The raccoon eats the catfood I set out on the patio,

And the cat just watches.

She doesn't seem all that interested;

It's more like she doesn't have anything else to do right now,

Or anywhere else that she needs to be.

So she watches.

The raccoon crunches away,

And 238,900 miles away, the moon shines down

On this scene like a golden balloon.

Years and years have passed since I have been drunk.


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