Jun 13, 2021

Here's what I want you to know.

To have nothing, to want nothing;

Poverty teaches us survival.

Is the field rich with oil? Keep walking.

You’ll be better off and so will the planet.

The light of day, the dark of night, love,

These things are meant to fill your heart.

Are your friends gathered in a circle?

That’s your halo, wear it! 

On the way, fire and storm, earthquake, 

But not today, friend, not today.


It is the very moment of dawn 

and you are in a winter forest, 

rich in cedar, pine and fir trees. 

The first light is filtering 

through the green of the branches, 

first light on the snow of the forest floor. 

A world of white and green. 

Clean, fresh. 

Every breath is a delight, 

like the laughter of a child. 

Your footsteps 

make a crunching sound in the snow.


Kindness is a mark of faith, 
and whoever has not kindness 
has not faith.
-The Prophet Muhammad

art by by C. Gapik



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