May 26, 2021

Jabbering, the soil, love.

don't fill up the room 

with your jabbering 

it eats up all the oxygen 

leave some room for joy 

and for others to have the space 

to breathe


We plant the garden in the spring, my wife and I, our hands in the soil. 

My hands are large, hers are smaller, but together we do the work that we must.

This life comes as it does, every new day opens like a page in a book that is at times beautiful and difficult. 

The garden that we grow together is a chapter that I love to read and re-read, time and again.


love has already won

even if it doesn't look that way


There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. 


You must personally accept the responsibility of improving your own life.

-Lama Surya Das

Awareness is not about trying to be someone else: it’s about finding a sense of ease with you as you are, right now.

-Andy Puddicombe


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