May 12, 2021

Fires, rivers, god, and the glorious light.

Fire ignites. Rivers flow downstream. 

Flowers open when the moment is right. 

Go and polish that mirror inside yourself, 

Then go and stand under the sun at noon. 

Reflect the glorious light with such strength 

That even the stars will know your name. 

Your time is now, always.


I don’t believe in in any god,

Or in heaven or hell,

So naturally god is with me


In my eyes.

In my ears.

Everything I see and hear

Is heaven,

And the times when I forget this

Is hell.

And for a godless man

I certainly pray a lot!

---Thank god for that.


"And I looked around that gate of late and weary ones and I thought, this is the world I want to live in. The shared world.… This can still happen anywhere. Not everything is lost."

-Naomi Shihab Nye, in "Gate A-4"


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