May 19, 2021

A small and rather unimportant group of prose poems.

This life is an empty cup until you fill it yourself. The seas get filled by the rivers, but you and I don’t have that luxury. To be a human being is self-service work. 

Being kind to each other includes being kind to yourself. It’s the same with forgiveness. Yes, we should share, so also be sure to accept it when someone else shares with you.

Look at me, it’s so early that I haven’t even been outside yet, and already I am preaching. That’s alright, it’s part of my work in this life. And this life is an empty cup until you fill it yourself.


Bring life to the planet. Help to heal that which needs healing. Teach the children, feed the hungry. House the homeless. Love each other, be kind to each other. It isn’t complicated, why we’re here.


Sometimes the Light inside of me is so strong and bright that even the stones have voices. Life opens up like a present, like a gift, and so it is. Listen to the wind, and listen to birds, for they understand the wind. Unwrap the gift. Is this too fast for you? I can go slower, but it will all be better if you meet me halfway. Is your Light turned on?


The air of July has the fragrance of jasmine, roses, and oak trees. That is to give relief from the foolishness of the other humans. The greed, the heartlessness. The liars in government and business. The lack of kindness. 

Friend, find that relief whenever and wherever you can. Walk through the woods and forests, away from the concrete and the machines. Be alone and silent sometimes. Cool your feet in the creek. 

The air of July has the fragrance of jasmine, roses, and oak trees. It is there for anyone to breathe. It is there for you.


Ten thousand mountains, each with a heart of its own. Wind and birds for crowns, forest and snow for robes, or rock and cactus. The mountains are the kings of the earth, and the oceans are the queens. And the soil where life grows from seeds? Royal offspring. We are family, and family is us, and time is our silent partner as we orbit the sun, again and again.


Stop judging everything, there is more to life than right and wrong. And stop arguing, are you so weak that you need to win all of the time? Relax, friend. Don’t just do something, sit there. Breathe and relax. Tomorrow is another day, and if it isn’t, if tomorrow doesn't arrive for you, well, that’s alright, too. Try to remember, it isn’t your beliefs that make you a better person, it’s your behavior.


by jobe

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