May 19, 2021

A duck, a tiny bed, and salvation.

People might call the sound a ‘quack,’ but to me it sounds as if the duck on Putah Creek is requesting a hat. And I have one, but it’s on my head and I am going to leave it there. I do wish the bird a fine morning, and I continue my stroll to the arboretum with my hat disturbing the mist and light drizzle coming down. 


I am building a tiny bed inside of my bed so the Dream People can sleep when I sleep. You know, those strangers that you see sometimes in dreams. I’ll make the bed from the softest of yawns and nice thoughts, and cover with sweet sentences that help the dream people feel relaxed and at home. Good night. 


Salvation is in your heart, not in the world. You. It's in you.



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