May 6, 2021

3 poems containing the moon. Yeah.

I like to open the windows at night 

for company. Sometimes 

it’s the moon 

who comes in for a visit, or maybe 

the wind or the stars. 

I am never lonely!


So very late. Starlight. Moonlight. 

The crisp feel of the air in March. 

So much time has passed now, so many years 

that age is starting to catch up with me. 

Finally, tonight, it is over. 

Father, I forgive you. Now, 

at last.


A setting moon, westering, only one night 

on the wane. And there is my oak, 

taking on a hard wind. Lovely, that. 

Across the dark, wide prairie of the sky 

is a slight golden hue deep in the east. 

A winter night begins its cold surrender. 

You haven’t got me yet, you bastard. 

Look at me! A man, standing 

here on the earth. I still live.



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