Apr 24, 2021

Truth? Sometimes. Not always.

The hand knows the pen, and greets it the way old friends do when they meet by accident on the street. The paper is there, waiting. The afternoon gets very quiet, and waits with the kind of patience that one sees in the elderly. An anxious excitement hangs in the air. Dust mites are watching as if they know, as if they understand. It is almost time. In a moment, the poem will begin.


How I write these damn poems -

I put some faith in the sounds of vowels,

In the strength and heart of consonants,

And in language that holds a small measure of music.

Truth? Sometimes. Not always.

There is a higher truth, with more weight than history.

I prefer verbs to adjectives, they're more fun.

And I need a little magic, from starlight,

Or sunrise, or from the sad look

That dogs give best.

And then I just write it down.



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