Apr 7, 2021

the timeless immensity of being alive

Life is made of dreams,

Yes, and dreams are made of life.

Close your eyes, brother.

Sister, close your eyes, too. 

Just be.


The crow yelled at me, 

I am the noise of spirit! 

I am the sound of the strength 

Of the wild!” Then it flew 

Away from my front yard 

And joined the other crows 

Beneath the pines in the park 

Across the street. 


Like the sky at dawn, silent and vast, let my being merge

In the timeless immensity of being alive.

I am the universe, the universe is me. 


Happiness means feeling you are on the right path every moment. You don't need to arrive at the end of the path in order to be happy.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

How can we remove resentment if we are unaware of the extent to which it controls us? We need to look into what makes us provokable.

-Judy Lief

When people talk of war I vow with all beings to raise my voice in the chorus and speak of original peace. 

-Robert Aitken

Choose happiness, not success, as your life's goal. If you become successful but aren't happy, then what is the point?

-Haemin Sunim


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