Apr 19, 2021

Sometime ago I passed sixty years on this Earth.

On the bank of Putah Creek

I pay a father’s respects

To the ashes of a fallen son.

The creek pays no attention

And flows on as always.

Time, however, stands 

Perfectly still.


Warm on a cold morning, I have the blood of my father
And the strength of my mother, a gray mist
In the air is stimulating. I can live with that.

The music of Coltrane and Sonny Rollins,
Dexter Gordon and Bill Evans; I can fill my time
With notes in the air like lovely birds.

I have a fierce wife, she takes on the crimes
Of an unjust society. Sometimes I join her,
Other times Coltrane and these poems are enough.

Sometime ago I passed sixty years on this Earth.
A grandchild joined us and a son was lost, 
I cannot walk as well as I did, such is life.

For no reason at all I am updating you.
The jazz is up loud. The coffee is strong and fresh,
Were you to join me here, I’d pour you a cup.


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