Apr 12, 2021

Our hearts are our own.

I am no one
In particular,
No more blue
Than the sky,
No more deep
Than the sea.
The same as you,
Just a small piece
Of the endlessness.

We might take off our shoes and walk together through the dew-damp grass of the very early morning. We might sit down together with coffee and quiet talk, speaking of those things in our lives that are real. It might be that we have beliefs and values in common, and that our hearts are our own, that we are not controlled by some dogma or ideology. That who we are and what we are might be more important than where we were born or how we pray. Wouldn’t that be something? In these things I will place my hopes, and I promise to leave room for your hopes as well.

We are indeed connected to all things, but we should feel free to move about, free to join others, free to examine preconceptions and misinterpretations, and free to find our buddhanature as we engage in the day’s most common actions and events.
-Gary Thorp

Ask yourself: have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world.
-Annie Lennox

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