Apr 23, 2021

"Don’t live in the past."

Brittle yellow, the moon glows across this long valley. Shadows and a cold wind. A cold feeling, too. And the question one asks in the night - did we do it all right, this life?

Lay down here beside me, my wife. We will come through this night together, as we have for so long. Take my hand.

We have spent a lifetime trying to be good people. There is no failure, luck, or fate. What is there left to say? Just this, hold on. The long night will pass. Brittle yellow, the moon will set. Hold on.


Try to live just for today.

Whatever it is that you are planning to do later, do it now.

Whatever it is that you are saving for a special day, use it now.

You are alive today, tomorrow is a roll of the dice. It might happen, and it might not.

People often say, "Don’t live in the past." They're right, of course, but friend, don't live in the future either.

Live for today, and enjoy it, it is the only day you can be sure of.

Tomorrow could be the day that god calls, or it might be coincidence that calls, and you will answer.

What good will that box of chocolate do you then?


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