Apr 17, 2021

Coltrane or Rollins or Jamal.

vincent van gogh 
avenue of flowering chestnut trees

The rain ends and my city feels cleaner. Fresh. The tidy air is moist. Just a touch of fog. At a store, the clerk tells me that there was a shooting last night. A man died. His sullen, monotone voice makes sound waves that spread out like waves in a still pond when you toss in a pebble. 


I draw circles around the things I love.

I prefer to wait until life quiets down.

At night.

Or mid-day.

When I am alone.

I have this pencil filled with thanks instead of lead.

I use this pencil.

To draw my circles.

Around the blessedness of my own humanity.

Or around a picture of my granddaughter.

Or even something as simple as my coffee pot.

A favorite album.

Coltrane or Rollins or Jamal.

Now I am at it again.

A circle around my soul.

A circle around your soul.

A circle around tonight.

Another circle around tomorrow.


In a mind clear as still water, even the waves, breaking, are reflecting its light.

-Dogen Zenji

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