Apr 16, 2021

Barn owls, red tail hawks.

The silt on the river bed,

Sacramento River. 

The valley farmland, 

Sacramento Valley.

The delta winds,

Sacramento delta. 

Barn owls, red tail hawks.

Tule deer, river otters.

Valley oaks, elms.

And me. At home. 

Friend, find that spot

That suits you, that fits, 

And dig in. Dig deep.


Quiet and late. I can hear a freight train rolling north, the track is but a mile off. How strong and lovely, the sound, and when it passes -- silence again. 


See the footprints? Follow them 

Into the forest, into the pines. 

A man left those prints as he went in, 

But he never returned. Perhaps 

He journeyed through this forest 

And back out on the far side, or he 

Might have perished along the way. 

Some things a person must do alone. 

And now it is your turn, friend. 

Take careful steps. Keep moving. 


It makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.


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