Apr 17, 2021

And we are among the blessed.

Snow Flowers, Henri Matisse

How frail is this life?

It is easy to hide the truth

in the deeps of a closed room.

Ribbons of steel, blood like gold;

how can we fit these

in the hollows of the soul?

Go ahead and stand alone.

Are you frail? Then allow yourself

to fail. When tomorrow comes,

if it comes, start again.

And if, perhaps, tomorrow does not come,

start again anyway.


The smell of fallen leaves and earth.

The wild and lovely colors of autumn.

The cycle of the world around the sun,

getting farther away,

later to return closer again.

A brilliant plan?


but if not,

it is a marvelous coincidence.

Do you ever wonder

how much of life is coincidence

and how much is fate?

A circle of seasons.

A cycle of change.

Leaves fall,

then return.

The bear sleeps for a while,

then awakens.

The ground and air cools,

then is cold,

then warms,

and finally gets hot.

Again and again through the years,

through epochs of change.

And we are among the blessed.

We share the blessing.


-for Doreen Deutsch Spungin-

If you understand, things are just as they are. If you do not understand, things are just as they are.

-Zen proverb

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