Apr 13, 2021

A lion lives here.

The lone street lamp reminds me of a man stranded on an island. The quiet street is the still, calm ocean. Night. The huge Pacific. The feel of my feet on the sidewalk.


There is a lovely hill in my heart. 

The sun rises on one side 

And sets on the other. Perfectly.

At noon the sun is exactly above 

The crest on my hill. 

A lion lives here, and a bear, 

And a dove. Wild flowers 

And pine trees. Squirrels. 

The sounds and smells of nature 

Cover the hill. My hill. 

And it is all in my heart. 


Even now I crave her sweaty lust, her grunting passion, the moist, salty feel of her, and her eyes as bright as life. Even now. 


We are condemned to freedom. 

-Jean-Paul Sartre

Love said to me: There is nothing that is not me. Be silent.


Conscious breathing is my anchor. 

-Thich Nhat Hanh

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