Mar 28, 2021

The beat is intoxicating

Now you are walking and the day is hot. The earth rises up to meet your feet. Time and distance pass this way. Now there is a forest and you hear music coming from beyond the trees, a drumbeat, fast and steady. Are the animals dancing? Now more drums join in from other parts of the forest, some sound very close. Are the trees themselves dancing? The beat is intoxicating and a breeze cools your face. Now you are lifting your feet and beginning to dance.


silent in sorrow 

he seldom mentions his dead younger brother 

nights go by like years and vice-versa 

and I wonder how he remembers 

the little boy who ran down the hall 

hoping his big brother would play with him 

under his door I often see the light

of his computer screen 

in the very late and very early hours 

he is alone and I am alone

and somewhere else in this house

the mother is also alone 


Vincent van Gogh

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