Mar 10, 2021

that I might always remember to give

Swim to shore when the sun goes down. Allow the night to take control; you don't have to run everything. Let the night air slowly dry your skin. The night can be both mother and father, lover and friend. It can lead you, guide you, all the way to sunrise.


May my neighbors turn to me in times of need, and may I turn to them in times of plenty; that I might always remember to give, to share, and not just what I have, but also share what I am.


So many years together, decades, that now the two of us have begun to remind me of those old people that hide their money in the pages of books and then forget about it. And we might do just that if we had any money. It is still a good while until dawn but I am up already, making coffee as quietly as I can; you need more sleep than I do. I just need your love. And the coffee. You are smiling in your sleep when I peek in to check on you. Perhaps, even in your dreams, you know just how much I love you. What fine dark roast coffee this is.


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