Mar 24, 2021

no other day, no other moment

Kindness doesn’t deceive anyone, and deception isn’t kind. Move through the day with your heart and your eyes open. Move through the light with the blessings of the light. There is no other day, no other moment.


They said that the wind would come today. It didn’t, but that’s alright. I have my grief and your ghost to keep me company. Who needs the wind?


Once you bury your child, or scatter the ashes of your child, dying ceases to be frightening. We all die. Let it come. There is a hope about dying that I hang on to; let me die at sunrise. How lovely to witness the birth of the new light one last time before the darkness takes me. How perfect.


Julie Mehretu/Dispersion

We are always in transition. If you can just relax with that, you'll have no problem. 

—Chogyam Trungpa

Think for yourself and question authority.

-Timothy Leary

A meditation practice deepened in silence yields an intimacy with oneself, and over time, a greater intimacy with others and with all of life.

-Beth Roth

I need more poems about the quiet mice of the sky; their eyes are rain clouds.


Peter Gabriel/Digging In The Dirt

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Rebekka Gudleifsdottir

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