Mar 13, 2021

no bait, no rod and reel

If I am to finish this journey I may need to borrow some starlight. Have you any to spare?


Fishing in the Sacramento Valley, no bait, no rod and reel. So why am I here? The taste of this very day, the smell of this very moment. And guess what? It looks like I’ve caught a big one!


-for JL Jobe, 1922 - 1980 

This for my late father on his birthday. He was terrific at fishing, but he never got the hang of living.

We often become our kindest, most ethical selves only by seeing what it feels like to be a selfish jackass first.

-Cheryl Strayed

Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, you owe me.


Me reading poems by Joy Harjo

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