Mar 17, 2021

my friends are all a thousand miles away

Your skin is a shell, your flesh is a shell, even your mind is shell. You are the earth, the sky, the water. You live in the universe, sure, but also know that the universe lives in you. One, and again. One, and again. Do you wish to live? Then live.


Look at how the years have piled up like autumn leaves. Light a match, time is up! Let me rise to heaven with the fragrant smoke.


California is cold tonight, and it feels like my friends are all a thousand miles away. The clouds are full, it will rain before bedtime. From the stove, the aroma of the chicken I am baking fills the room, forcing the loneliness outside. Good riddance. From the window I can watch the loneliness move down the dark street, walking with its head down and its hands in its pockets.


A sheep in North Wales.

Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise.

- Alice Walker

When we’re in harmony with ourselves, we give a wonderful gift to other people—the gift of trust.

-Joseph Goldstein

Peter Gabriel/It Is Accomplished
-From the soundtrack to The Last Temptation Of Christ-


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