Mar 27, 2021

my comrade, mi amigo

Embrace me on the tip of the blue flame, the campfire

Embrace me of the swirl of the dance floor, the drums

Embrace me with the truth, I have heard so many lies

Embrace me until sunrise, the darkness, the darkness

Embrace me in friendship, my comrade, mi amigo 

Embrace me on the sharp edge of passion, the stars

Embrace me while the world spins, it never stops

Embrace me, embrace me now, embrace me tomorrow

Embrace me and I will embrace you, our blood together


The music of autumn, the sound of birds, the sound of trees moved by wind. My mind is blessed with this music. This life that I love is everywhere.


Paul Cezanne

A flower falls, even though we love it; and a weed grows, even though we do not love it. 

-Dōgen Zenji

When bankers dine together, they discuss art. When artists dine together, they discuss money. 

-Oscar Wilde


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Those who are ill, may they be well.

Those are afraid, may they be well.

Those who are alone, may they be well.

Those without a home, may they be well.

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