Mar 5, 2021

Moonrise for my neighbors and me.

Love your life light a coat of paint loves a wall. Hold on tight and add a little color. Or try to.


Moonrise tonight is at 1:50 AM. A Waning Gibbous moon above the Sacramento Valley. A very slight southeast wind. Often I wake up in the middle of the night, and if I am up at that time tonight, I will go outside and have a look. There are three lovely redwood trees in my front yard, forming a triangle of sorts. Across the street in the park a row of very tall pine trees tickle the sky. Sixty-four years old as I write this, I have no desire to go any farther; I am as rooted as the trees, and about the same age. Moonrise for my neighbors and me. I will hold out my arms like branches.


Me reading poems by William Stafford

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