Mar 15, 2021

light walks on the earth

i awake before dawn in a moment of peace

i give praise and thanks 

for my own inner peace

the sun 

the moon 

and the stars 

live above me in blessed peace

the wind touches the grass and the trees 

with a kiss of peace

light walks on the earth 

and its footsteps bring peace

i pray that someday soon all beings will have peace

yes i pray that all beings would know lives of peace.


holy is the earth 

holy is this life 

forest sky sea soil 

our heartbeat 

and our breath are holy 

our compassion 

embrace the earth 

embrace your life


Nothing is merely a means to an end, nothing is merely a step on the path to somewhere else. Every moment, everything, is absolutely foundational in its own right.
-Barry Magid

How the poetry of Anamika, winner of the Hindi Sahitya Akademi award for 2020, challenges patriarchy

Poems by Yu Xiahua, read by me

Later, y'all.

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