Mar 25, 2021

I turned stones into flowers.

Driving the Yolo County, California farm roads near my home I was quite pleased to discover a mountain. This valley is flat, so where is the mountain? Anyone would ask that. Inside my heart. The mountain is huge and has no trail. I do not know what is up there, but I intend to climb to the top.


We should consult the earth before we build anything else, we should ask the trees if they mind. Do the water and the sky give us permission? We should ask the animals, even the micro-organisms. “Is it alright? Or should we find a way to stop now?” We, the humans, do not own creation. Have we not already taken more than our share?


Walking the broken streets I turned stones into flowers. There were roses of many colors. One purple iris I saved for my love. A bouquet of stone with the scent of a million tears! At the end of a long day this scent was everywhere, on your clothes, your hands. On your life.


Life is not the taking possession of anything, but a taking part in everything. 

—Lama Govinda

Be yourself, says the sun, the explosion is a ways off.


Without spiritual discipline we are never going to wake up or advance on our journey through this life. But our discipline must be wedded to joy, and we must find pleasure in the myriad wonders that this life offers.

-Joan Gattuso

The world is full of cactus, but we don't have to sit on it. 

-Will Foley

Sarah Jarosz/Tell Me True

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