Mar 9, 2021

Climb inside with me.

There was a shooting star above my valley and I thought, “Take me with you.” Why not? I have had a good walk on this earth, found a corner where I fit, and lived a life there. Why not shoot across the universe in a wild ball of flame and disappear in a flash? Do you think I planned to live forever?


To write poems is to sit inside of the burning bush. Li-Young Lee said that. Yet, there is no god, and the bush continues to burn and to make commands nonetheless. I said that. Climb inside with me. Bring pen and paper with you. There is much yet to do.


I take my fundamental cue from John Coltrane; there must be a priority of integrity, honesty, decency, and mastery of craft.

-Cornel West

If you are capable of living deeply one moment in your life, you can learn to live the same way all the other moments of your life.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Break Of Reality/Helix

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See ya. Be good humans.


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