Mar 16, 2021

A thought that came and went.

This I pray, that I might always speak up for those people whose voices are not being heard.    


How long does it take to polish eternity? All of eternity. It's a lot of hard work. In fact, by the time you have buffed your way to the far end of eternity, the beginning might need polishing all over again. All of life can seem like a cycle, if you're paying attention. But friend, when eternity shines, the glow circles the earth and fills the darkest corners of life with light. Now that's worth a little work, isn't it? 


Oh, let me be a weed in the river, let me be one speck of dust in the desert. A thought that came and went. The dream that could not be remembered upon awakening. That’s for me. Let me be small, the universe is so large. Inhale, exhale. Life is what is happening right now.


Freddie Hubbard/Gypsy Blue

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