Feb 25, 2021

your truth is in the light

stories and light can show our truth   

but not always all of the truth  

details omitted from a story   

can hide the harder facts   

and where there’s light there’s shadow  


what is your story  

how much of your truth is in the light  

how much of mine  


Welcome to ameriKKKa; we have a little space in the cage for you, just squeeze in. You came to ameriKKKa for freedom? Yes? For you, freedom is a locked cage and a cruel guard. You came to ameriKKKa for justice? Yes? For you, justice is a punchline to a weak joke on a television sitcom. The studio audience will laugh, but not you. You won’t get the joke. You are the joke. Freedom and justice are for the white people born here, not for you. Now get in your goddamn cage. It’s showtime.


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