Feb 18, 2021

you are alone in the silence

that moment when the very first raindrops 

tumble down from the broken sky 

scattered and fat 




the pavement ends but the road continues 

keep going 

hot summer sun 

ruts in the dirt 

left there by wheels on the rainy days 

holes and low spots 

keep going 

no breeze at all 

no clouds 

the road ends at a trailhead 

a path through tall dead weeds 

keep going 


you are alone in the silence 

not even the sound of one bird 

the path fades away 

the weeds fade away 

finally you are alone beneath an empty sky 

that seems as wide as creation 

the world seems bleached and begins to fade 

and the sky fades as well 

and then you begin to fade away too 

only the light remains 

only the light


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