Feb 20, 2021

we are family

Kawase Hasui - Snow at Hinuma Swamp, Mito

ten thousand mountains 

each with a heart of its own 

wind and birds for crowns 

forest and snow for robes 

or rock and cactus 

the mountains are the kings of the earth 

and the oceans are the queens 

and what of  the soil where life grows from seeds 

royal offspring 

we are family 

and family is us 

time is our silent partner as we orbit the sun 

again and again


My ancestors? I can say their names, and I can say their places. I know their years. All of that is a part of me. I know these things but I don’t obsess on them, Their DNA is my DNA. The past is a fog that you walk through, nothing more. 

The descendants? I can’t know them. They will come when I have gone. I can try to improve the world a little for them, and I can leave them some poems. Perhaps that way they will know my name and my place. And my DNA will be their DNA.

There is a pattern to it all. Can you see it? Something of the old ones is passed to the new ones, over and again.


Give without expecting anything in return, not even a "thank you." That is unconditional kindness, everything else is ego. But remember to accept everything with gratitude, including other people's kindness, for it isn't something to which you are entitled, it is a gift we can all give to one another.

-Timber Hawkeye

Ani DeFranco/Simultaneously

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