Feb 2, 2021

to grow toward the sky

i am tame 

yet i am wild all the same 

think of me as you would think 

of a seedling tree in your front yard 

you didn’t plant it 

yet it grows there nonetheless 

will you uproot it 

or leave it to grow toward the sky 

toward the sun 

toward the moon 

life is about growth 

and life is about choices 

life is the tame and the wild 

sharing space together


still dark 

the sun hasn’t risen yet  

another day

i take the washcloth and soap it up

and i wash away the number written on my wrist


written with the ink of a ballpoint pen

“1424 what”

 a friend had asked yesterday

“1424 sunrises without my son in the world

1424 sunrises since he died at age 26”

my friend who had no way of knowing

that I do this thing 

looked away

trying to think of something to say

"maybe you should try to... move on”

he suggested in a whisper 

touching my shoulder

“everyone gets to grieve in the way

that is best for them” I say

“so i keep the count of how many days

i have carried the weight 

it helps me to be present in this day 

and not be stuck in that day”

i have that conversation every few days

whenever someone sees the number on me

it’s alright 

i don’t mind

and I am not in the least embarrassed

it is what it is

5:29 am 

i haven't slept much tonight

that’s alright 

there is always tomorrow

and until then i will keep the count

for one more day

one more sunrise

i take the pen and write 1425

on the inside of my wrist

then i write it again

tracing it over so that the ink is bold

do you want to see what grief looks like

i’ll show you 


i’ll show it to you anytime


The river that flows in you also flows in me.


May we carry each other through these dark times through the strength of our practice, sitting in silence and stillness, breathing as one.

-Brandon Dean Lamson

Meaningful acts of the individual—our practice included—can take place only in the context and with the support of a strong community. 

-James Shaheen

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