Feb 3, 2021

the storm is a blessing

trouble will come 

it’s unavoidable my friend 

the storm is a blessing 

a little opening in the walls of a life 

when the storms rage 

we get to take chances 

and flex our most secret muscles 

so pay attention 

listen for raindrops 

listen for wind 

and smile a little 


the internal clock of the valley ticks

until the hands click onto ‘summer’

and so it is that an alarm goes off

and summer awakes with a yawn

the fields are rich with crops

and the towns seem 

full of people in short pants 

smelling of sunscreen

sweating isn’t quite a hobby 

but almost

perhaps you have noticed that as you age

time seems to pass ever faster 

it’s true and we can’t change that

so relax 

autumn is but moments away


every life is precious 


every item under heaven 

and across the universe is precious

every rock 

every clod of dirt

is a piece of the earth that holds us 

as being a part of its home 

the plants large and small 

trees and flowers

and weeds and herbs 

each has a value

and every worm helps feed the soil

that in turn feeds us 

the salmon 

the old barn owl 

those are obvious 

but also precious are the mosquito 

the roach

even the tsetse fly serves some purpose

and so is blessed 

and so blesses us all

so it is that here before you i give thanks

and praise to the river otter and the raccoon

to the mighty prairie hen 

to the jack pine

the arugula and kale 

the valley oak.

let all step forward and be named 

every life is precious 


every item under heaven 

and across the universe 

is precious

even man


Meditation is not necessarily about generating intense concentration. It can be about the exact opposite: a slow, steady gentleness that adds no intensity to what already exists. 

-M. Sophia Newman

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.

-Henry David Thoreau

We simply do not understand our place in the universe and have not the courage to admit it.

-Barry Lopez

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