Feb 15, 2021

the last bee alive

so it has come to this -- 

the last bee alive on earth 

i turn my hand in the air and the bee follows it 

a flowing motion for both of us 

i lean in close as if to speak to the bee 

but my mind is blank 

what does one say to the final bee 


the day is very hot 

over 100 degrees 

i turn to go back into my house 

and the last bee follows me like a happy dog 

perhaps I’ll call him lewis


another fine and perfect sunrise 

sweet as a tangerine 

i took it from the sky 

and placed it in a lovely handmade box 


i placed the box on a shelf in my bookcase 

where it awaits my next new day.


Our mind wanders incessantly, but our body and senses are always in the present. To investigate our embodied experience is to investigate the living present.

-Anne C. Klein

The pursuit of enlightenment is for the purpose of the world, not merely for the purpose of the individual. Practices for enlightenment must lead to action in the world.

-Bernie Glassman

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