Feb 4, 2021

the emptiness of no thought

a wind from the north 

stout and warm 

does the same thing to my hair 

that it does to the treetops 

the sky touches my head 

and the earth touches my feet 

and here i am 

a human being alive in this world 

a fine day indeed


each day spend some time in silence 

welcome the emptiness of no thought 

just breathe and be 

let the silence sweep you along 

like a leaf that fell into the stream 

like a leaf that fell into a stream


stronger than steel 

lighter than feathers

defining this life of ours

years like moments

moments like a soft kiss


All spiritual teachings are in vain if we cannot love.

—Jack Kornfield

When life presents us with challenges, we can get stuck in the mud—in our habitual reactions and patterns—or we can be present to the suffering and find compassion and strength within the discomfort, blossoming like the lotus. 

-Carolyn Gregoire

I hold the most archaic values on earth ... the fertility of the soul, the magic of the animals, the power-vision in solitude.... the love and ecstasy of the dance, the common work of the tribe.

―Gary Snyder

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