Feb 6, 2021

new snow on the boulders in the river

some things are hard to express in words

-  waking to the sound of birds outside of your open window

- the look on a child’s face as she runs

- love when it smiles on you in the warm light of the sun

- the sight of new snow on the boulders in the river

and the fool poet tries to express it anyway

(for Shinkichi Takahashi, 1901-1987)


a summer day 

heat lays upon the sacramento valley 

like a debt that can’t be met 

still it’s beautiful you know 

the sun 

the sky 

the shade from trees 

the sweet sounds of the finches in the jasmine


kindness is doing what you can 
where you are 
with what you have

my brothers and sisters are scattered 
across the lovely face of this earth 
you and i are siblings too 
we burst forth from the great mother 
in an orgasm of creation 
and we all return to the great mother 
one by one 
footstep by footstep 
but not today brother 
not today sister 
today let us sit together at the table 
here take the bread from my hand

the band/the shape i'm in

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