Feb 17, 2021

my father is behind my eyes

in the dream years have passed  

and my late son who died so young 

looks about 50 and is going bald 

and i am furious  

“you faked your death  

you hid from us all these years  

we suffered”  

he smiles and holds me 

and i know it is just another dream of him   

he really is dead    

and i suffer all over again 

and weep on the shoulder of my dead son   

i didn’t know that i could grieve in my sleep   


look at my hands 

i am everything my father hated 

everything he feared 

and look at my eyes 

my father is behind my eyes 

watching everything i love 

knowing the whole while i never needed him 

that i will never be what he wanted me to become 

truth is everything 

this life belongs to me


richard thompson/ain't gonna drag my feet no more

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