Feb 16, 2021

i try to get them down on paper

things happen 

a birth here 

a death there 

a crop is planted in one season 

harvested and gleaned in the next 

here in the sacramento valley 

it is summer 

the growing season 

the crops thrive 

up in the sierra nevada 

the mountains to the east 

the snow melt fills the rivers 

rushing down to us in flat lands below 

things happen 

i try to get them down on paper 

before they are dead and gone


i open my eyes and it’s a new day 

23,478 of those as i write 

when i do the math on that i wonder-- 

should i allow for the years when I worked nights 

no matter 

the point is this 

as long you still draw breath 

you have time to start fresh 

to make a new beginning 

a brand new day 

use it to become a better version of yourself


When we look carefully, we discover that the sense of self is not a particle that never changes, but rather a flow, a wave of thought and feeling that can increase and decrease and is therefore not permanent.

-Shinzen Young

When you use the term minority or minorities in reference to people, you're telling them that they're less than somebody else.

-Gwendolyn Brooks

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