Feb 19, 2021

i planted and prayed

Vincent van Gogh, Willows at Sunset, 1888.

the instructions said to plant the seed in moist soil 

and then worship whatever grows there 

a south wind whispered to me as i turned the soil 

the sky kept watch as i planted and prayed 

i am a man of spirit


I am allergic to many things. Grasses. Trees. Dust. Mold. Sociopaths. I am allergic to cruelty. Heartlessness. Greed. Some of these things make me sneeze, others make me want to vomit. In the news it is clear that America has concentration camps for Latinos without papers. People with their children taken from them, living caged, in some cases, forced to drink from toilets. Today I saw a pick-up truck with a large American flag fluttering from a small pole in the truck bed. That sick feeling returned to my stomach. Again.


The most difficult times for many of us are the ones we give ourselves.

-Pema Chödrön

Wherever you are is the perfect place to awaken. This moment is the exact place to practice compassion and loving awareness. You have all the ingredients to breathe and find freedom just where you are.

-Jack Kornfield

Few of us communicate really well. We think explaining ourselves is key, but listening is the most important part.

-Sallie Tisdale

Kawase Hasu, Gokoku Temple, 1932.

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