Feb 7, 2021

i love the stillness

i live on the surface of the planet like any other beast 

i cook the flesh and eat it 

tearing the pieces apart with my bare hands 

sometimes i even growl when I eat 

i admire the owl and the hawk and the birds of prey 

they live in the moment 

and they eat what they kill 

time passes like the stars crossing the sky 

like the layers of a vast onion 

peeled away slowly 

one at a time 

does the wind know my name 

of course not 

don’t be foolish 

the wind is here to bless these things 

everything I have ever told you 

with its blustery kiss


we leave the porchlight on at night 

but I am not sure why 

no one is coming 

this light weakens at sunrise 

as if the lamp itself is tired 

from its long hours of labor 

and something in the air at dawn tastes of change 

whatever this is doesn’t require my permission 

i turn the light off and put on some coffee 

all the while the entire planet has been spinning 

as it does throughout all the years of our lives 

think of that


i love the dawn and the dusk 

the starlight and the moonlight 

i love the wind 

and i love the stillness 

and i love that which is 

and i try not to desire that which is not 

another day is here 

and all i need to do is live it


The things that matter most in our lives are not fantastic or grand. They are the moments when we touch one another.

-Jack Kornfield

Any time we are abruptly thrown off course, it is an opportunity to reexamine our lives, our values, and where we are headed.

-Judy Lief

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