Feb 22, 2021

help to heal that which needs healing


bring life to the planet 

help to heal that which needs healing 

teach the children 

feed the hungry 

house the homeless 

love each other 

be kind 

why we’re here isn’t complicated


Sometimes the Light inside of me is so strong and bright that even the stones have voices. Life opens up like a present, like a gift, and so it is. Listen to the wind, and listen to the birds, for they understand the wind. Unwrap the gift. Is this too fast for you? I can go slower, but it will all be better if you meet me halfway. Is your Light turned on?


Bringing our full attention to focus on our breath in meditation strengthens our ability to concentrate in daily life, in the same way that lifting weights in the gym strengthens our muscles and allows us to lift heavy things elsewhere.

-Dan Zigmond

The artist's role is to raise the consciousness of the people.

-Amiri Baraka


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