Feb 24, 2021

first make sure every belly is full

Yes, I am free. And with this freedom I am watching the sunbeams break through the branches, leaves, and shadows of the many trees. I am free to be one with the light, and I am free to be one with the shadow. What are you doing today?


I love Cuban music, poetry from long ago in Japan and China, and art deco buildings in old cities. I embrace the idea of space travel, but before paying for lift off I would have us first make sure every belly is full. And speaking of food, I like hot sauce on mine, and I crave coffee so strong that the neighbors can smell it. To watch the clouds drift across a blue sky pleases me, and so does the sound of an owl late at night. It is good, this life of mine. I slipped into this life like a kind child slipping beneath the blankets on a winter night. I hold my hands up to the moon and stars to give thanks, and the endearing light shines down on me with the sweetest love.


"I’m beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, beautiful in my flaws. All together, I am a beautiful disaster."

—Author unknown

Eliades Ochoa/Vamos A Bailar Un Son

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