Feb 6, 2021

even the squirrels just sit there

art by viktor sheleg


even at night 

roses in starlight 

in moonlight

roses standing upright in the dark

come morning we will rise 

and love them

then we will love ourselves


truly hot 

105 degrees 

no breeze at all

on the oaks not one leaf stirs 

even the squirrels just sit there

today the sun will make the moon sweat

moonrise is at 2:32 pm

i do not envy its job


floating along 

like a white puff cloud above the world 

i move through this mystery we call life 

it is a beautiful existence 

and the mystery is engaging 

so much so 

that i have never bothered to solve it 

why seek an answer 

when the question is as bright as the noon sun


art by banksy

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