Feb 1, 2021

but i am complete

is the universe endless 
why sure
and i am the universe
and the universe is me 
(just like you)
i am also endless 
but i am also impermanent
how can that be 
i don’t know
(and it doesn’t matter anyway)
when i die i will go on and on
and yet there will be nothing
(just like you)
i hope there is time for a good laugh
on the way out

to the west 
a slice of moon 
for the first time since dawn 
the air feels slightly cool 
i am an old man standing in my driveway 
to look up at the night sky 
but i am complete 
i know peace 
isn’t that something 


Yesterday, while sipping good coffee, a friend told me that he felt like a failure in life, that he should have more at this age, a house, money. All the while he spoke, finches played on the patio, I could see that the crape myrtles were thriving, our planet turned, orbiting the sun with the other planets, and this entire solar system moved across the universe.

Just forgive yourself.
Yesterday? You can’t touch it.
Touch the earth instead.

I came for the sake of love-devotion; seeing the world, I wept.

Forgetting oneself is opening oneself.

Doc Watson/Wayfaring Stranger

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